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With the launch of Microsoft’s Azure Australia Central Regions in Canberra, Datacom now offers our world class cloud adoption and management services to highly-regulated organisations to confidently deploy their mission-critical workloads to the cloud. These new regions are designed to support both unclassified and protected data, allowing Australian and New Zealand government to harness the flexibility and hyperscale that Azure offers without compromising on compliance or connectivity.

Datacom has a range of services built specifically for government to help select the right cloud for the right workload. Datacom has moved thousands of workloads across to the cloud and has built an enterprise grade, government focused framework to help evolve and digitalise government.

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The Datacom Cloud Adoption Framework

The Datacom Cloud Adoption Framework (DCAF) is a framework created by Datacom to help businesses adopt cloud and harness its benefits without falling into common traps. Datacom has used DCAF to successfully migrate enterprise, government and financial services businesses, as well as other industries.

With DCAF as the underlying framework, Datacom has created a suite of services that enable businesses to consume the service that is right for their business depending on where in their cloud journey they are. We have also created the services to either work in conjunction with others or independently, which allows customers to consume only the capabilities that are required.


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